Who is Andrea Concas?

Who am I?

I am the “first supporter” of art and artists, founder of the Art Backers startup and of Art Rights, the only “passport” for works of art based on Blockchain technology, to protect artists, galleries, museums and collectors.

With Art Backers, thanks to Art Rights and together with the art gallery, The AB Gallery, we support artists, collectors, art lovers, public and private bodies for the promotion and enhancement of a new vision for an accessible and sustainable art, with a community of thousands of Art Lovers.

Being a son born into art, since childhood I had the privilege to “roam” between art galleries, museums, collections and exhibitions, with the luck, then professionally, to touch with my own hands works by great artists such as Picasso, Renoir, and Caillebotte of public and private collections.

What i do?

Passionate, innovative, curious, sometimes cynical, and sometimes visionary, collector as well, every day I live, I communicate and speak of art with whomever and wherever, as an entrepreneur, teacher, consultant, speaker or presenter with an approach constantly oriented towards cultural marketing and innovation, nobly understood as an added value for communication and growth in the art world.
I have years of work experience in the field of art and culture, where I dealt with museum set-ups, exhibitions, cultural and editorial marketing, consulting and planning for companies, museums and institutions.

What i love?

For the rest, or rather, at the base of everything, I am a happy father and husband, surfer, indeed more precisely a windsurfer, lover of the sea, that of my beloved Sardinia, as well as an “owner” of an adorable goiter, motorcyclist, a Harley strictly carburetor, golfer, even if in constant struggle with my handicap and obviously an art lover and perennial traveler.

my art world today

If you want to know something more about me, about my world, about art, about Art Rights, or about the Art Backers start-up..see my world!!!

Art Backers

Art Backers is an innovative startup that operates in the sector of art and culture It supports artists as well as public and private bodies in the production of artworks and multiples, in cultural marketing initiatives and in the protection of copyright, through a unique crypto-material certification system based on the Blockchain technology.

Art Rights

Art Rights is the first platform aimed to support the management and certification of artworks in order to protect artists, collectors and operators in the sector. Art Rights offers the opportunity to manage, track and valorise your art collection, in complete security and privacy thanks to the validation through BLOCKCHAIN ​​(Distributed Database) Art Rights, the art passport.

The AB Gallery

The AB Gallery is the first art gallery network that supports art and artists, dedicated to art lovers and new collectors. A new vision of art addressed to young talents, and not only, “art lovers” who believe in a sustainable and accessible art for everyone between social value, culture and collecting. The AB Gallery offers a careful selection of works of art by artists and photographers, contemporary and historicised, together with sculptures and design works.

Art Consultant

AB Consultant is the line art advisory services tailored to public and private institutions that want to create value-adding initiatives related to artists, art and culture. Art Backers supports companies in the detection and management of artists, in the logistic and operational organisation, in cultural marketing campaigns or events and in the production of bespoke limited editions for top clients, VIPs or celebrations.

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